The light that comes with being true to yourself:

somthing that everyone posseses but not everyone sees. simple and pure.



A driven bussy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.


You are the glow.

you are the beauty.








Clarifying exfoliating toner

BELLAS Multi-purpose toner removes excess impurities and sebum, helps to clear pores of dirt, maintain the natural skin pH level and moisturises the skin. Your skin will feel fresh and supple.

 Foaming face wash  

BELLAS mild and light cleansing foam helps remove make-up and impurities to leave skin looking fresh and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture, and leaves it feeling so clean and hydrated.


Botox-like peptide serum

This luxurious serum helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to enjoy smoother, firmer, and more refined skin.

Enriched with high performance anti-aging ingredients to give plumper-looking skin and promote elasticity. Anti-oxidant rich blueberry seed oil and ginkgo extracts provide protection, while peptides and hyaluronic acid help to minimize wrinkles.

Brightening eye cream

This silky cream texture will help tighten and smooth the skin around the eyes. Ceramides shield the skin with a protective barrier and help prevent the loss of moisture and improve firmness and elasticity. The eye area looks more fresh and youthful. 

   Vitamine C serum

achieve a rejuvenated and radiant complexion with our Vitamin C Energising Booster. This product has a unique blend of 2% Natural Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, and Sea-Buckthorn a powerful serum that helps to protect the skin against environmental stressors and promotes youthful skin.


Why choose?

Natural Formulations:
• Natural products help your skin look and feel good in the long run.
• Natural products allow your skin to breathe.
• They also contain natural nutrients (e.g., Vitamin E, Vitamin C) that keep the skin healthy and glowing.
• Natural products reduce your daily burden of chemicals around you (in air, in food, in skincare etc.).
• Cruelty-free.
• Ingredients used in natural cosmetics are grown by using environmentally friendly farming methods.
• In natural certified products it is only allowed to use 100% natural scents, which consist of natural essential oils and natural solvent. Even though the range of natural scents is much smaller than synthetic scents, natural scents are often more complex and refined. For example, natural orange essential oil contains around 500 different compounds, whereas the synthetic version of orange essential oil contains around 5-10 compounds.
• When producing natural cosmetics, we make the world a more beautiful, cleaner and safer place not only for ourselves, but for our children as well.

Where natural-loving formulas.
Meet high performance-natural glow

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